Elena Ivanova

    Character » Elena Ivanova appears in 21 issues.

    Elena Ivanova is the daughter of Epsilon Red. Her mother was mortally wounded by Sabretooth and died while giving birth to Elena. Elena has dedicated herself to getting revenge against Sabretooth.

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    Elena is the daughter of Epsilon Red, a Russian Telepath/psi talent, who operated in the 1960’s. Wolverine was sent to kill him, but before Logan can put Epsilon Red in the ground, Sabretooth steps in and tells him that the mission is scrubbed. Sabretooth then kills Epsilon Red’s pregnant wife. The kiddo that was born from her dead body was in fact, Elena Ivanova.

    Later, in the present, Elena Ivanova is searching for her mom’s killer. She meets up with Maverick and the two agree to find and kill him dead. Unfortunately, Maverick was really sick and was dying from the Legacy Virus. Maverick actually succumbs to the disease and dies, but Elena uses her psi talent to bring him back to life and actually puts his disease into remission. After several adventures helping Maverick, Elena gets a lead on Sabretooth. It turns out to be a trap and she’s rescued again by Maverick. Elena was severely wounded by the scoundrel that is Sabretooth and falls into a coma.

    Soon Elena wakes from her coma and isn't heard from again. What she has been up to or her status post M-Day is unknown.

    Powers & Abilities

    Elena is a mentalist who has psychometric & telepathic abilities. She can scan psionic images, initiate memory playbacks, create mental illusions and give the impression of astral projection to better facilitate psychic scanning.


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