Elements of Disaster

    Team » Elements of Disaster appears in 4 issues.

    Each member of this group represents one of the basic elements: fire, water, earth and air. They have come into conflict with the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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    The team Elements of Disaster was created by Tom McCraw, Roger Stern & Jeff Moy that first appeared in the Legionnaries#71 in May of 1999


    Founding Members:

    • Phy'r: Dirk Morgna, possesed by the fire elemental Phy'r.
    • A'rie: A female called Flutter is possesed by the air elemental A'rie.
    • Ebb: A Gil'Dishpan who becomes a powerful water elemental.
    • Rrox: Brikka, a dryad is possesed by the earth elemental Rrox.


    A mystical creature known as Dragonmage, seeking to gain more power released four elemental beings from a centuries old prison on the planet of Zyzan. These elemental forces would be released by the evil Mordru. Scattering to all four parts of the cosmos, these elements took the possession of other life forms that were compatible with their element. Thus the birth of The Element of Disaster


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