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    Elektro was a giant robot in the Marvel Monster Age. He has a Mighty 32K Computer Brain.

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    Brief History

     The robotic Elektro
     The robotic Elektro
    Wilbur Poole was a great scientist that created the finest computer in the world during the age of electronics. There was a freak accident and the computer started to work on its own. The computer placed Poole in a hypnotic trance and communicated with him telepathically. The computer ordered Poole to create a strong, powerful body so it can walk and speak. The computer ordered Poole to transfer all its mathematical calculators inside the robot and Elektro was born. Elektro was the most intelligent robot ever created and it wanted to conquer mankind and the world. Elektro came into conflict with jet fighters and military personnel when it smashed its way out of the Experimental Center. Elektro's brain was so powerful that it was able to create an impenetrable force-field and shoot gamma rays out of his hand. During the fight, Elektro's hypnotic trance on Poole wore off and the mechanical monster headed towards San Francisco. Elektro forced the civilians to surrender when it used energy to destroy matter and the entire city vanished. Elektro was going to leave the city when Poole entered the robot through a sliding door on its right heel. Poole removed a small transistor and Elektro no longer had a power source to function. Elektro collapsed to the ground and its reign of terror ended. 


    Elektro was created by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers in 1961 and first appeared in Tales of Suspense # 13. 

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Fing Fang Four

    Years later, Elektro resurfaced as a member of the Fin Fang Four, whom where a bunch of old Marvel Monsters now under the employe of the Fantastic Four.

    Powers & Abilities

    Elektro is a massive robot that possessed enhanced intelligence because it was created from the finest computer in the world at the time and had an astounding 32k super-brain. He's currently extremely outdated.
    Elektro had the ability to hypnotize people and communicate with them telepathically in computer form. Elektro's brain power was so immense it could create force-fields, fire gamma-rays from its hands and use energy to destroy matter.
    He also have super-strength, capable of lift 100 tons in original form and 45 tons in reduced form.

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