Movie » Elektra released on January 14, 2005.

    From Marvel Comics comes the story of ELEKTRA, a one woman killing machine in the ultimate battle between good and evil stands a warrior who makes the choice that could tip the balance between them. Starring Jennifer Garner as Elektra.

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    Elektra attempts to try to live a normal mercenary life apart from the Hand. But, once she falls in love with the man who she was sent to kill, things get dirty. Some super-powered villains are sent to take get rid of her; they end up meeting their fate instead.


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    Dead On Arrival 0

    If you had any interest in Elektra after Daredevil, it may very well diminish like the rest of this dull and uninspired spin-off flick, very loosely based off of the titular spin-off anti-heroine.   The Premise When the precognitive assassin Elektra (Jennifer Garner) is ordered to dispatch a father and daughter, she takes it upon herself to protect them from the evil forces who wouldn't hesitate to get the job done. Along the way she encounters Kirigi (Will Yun Lee) - an adversary from her da...

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    Lower Your Expectations 0

    The Elektra film... it is what it is.It's never a good sign when both the screenwriter, and lead actor try to distance themselves from a movie, as is the case with Elektra. And given the film it was spun off from, Daredevil, was no prize to begin with, it seems like it's a film destined for the scrapheap.Briefly, the story concerns Elektra, an assassin who's hired to kill a man and his daughter, but given her own past - seeing her own single father killed by an assassin - she can't do it. When s...

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    I like it 0

    Many people just don't like movies because of critics ... and i hate that! I feel like everyone should make a very own choice without getting one-sided. And u honestly love Elektra! I also love every Superhero Movie that anyone else hates Like: . Catwoman, X3, Blade 3, Fantastic 4, Elektra, Daredevil, Batman and Robin, Ghost Rider, and many more ......

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