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    Best Comic Series Ever?

    Ok, so maybe I'll get flack for this, but Elektra Assassin is my favorite comic series of all time. Sure it's outside the conical Elektra stories and I'm sure a lot of Frank Miller haters despise it for that, but it's purely on the whole, the greatest comic series I've ever read.


    Sienkiewicz for one. His art is... well it's Sienkiewicz. No one matched his style back then, and no one even bothers to imitate it now. This is coming from a guy who loves the Miller style and loves Miller's Daredevil. Sienkiewicz changed my world. The way he draws/paints took it out of the medium and made it pure art. He's the only guy that could compliment Miller's wordy prose. His Elektra, and the environment she lives in, is one of chaos and misdirection. The story and the art are pure emotion, nothing less.

    I'll be honest, I've read this series at least five times now and have no idea what's going on. What I can tell you is that Elektra is the most bad ass super heroine/villain in comics and the only reason I believe that is because of this book. She's not just an assassin, she's the ghost in your closet this series. Plus she exudes sex. Not in the usual big boobs comic way, but in the I'm a naughty girl and you're gonna like it way. Outside of the New Jersey turnpike stylings of Sienkiewicz's depiction Elektra is all allure.

    This is my favorite comic series of all time. It's one of the reasons I adore the medium and is just one of the reasons I love Frank Miller.

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