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Penance and repentance are key words to fully apreciate and understand this issue, heavy words that combined with ludic and starting fresh can transform a broken soul into something new, at least that´s what Elektra is hoping for as she insists in becoming a student of Drake, the woman that whoped her ass in the last issue. Basically this issue is about Elektra trying to prove herself worthy of becoming a student of Drake and to prove her point she decided to stay in the front of her home untill getting accepted. In the meantime, while waiting and being completely ignored by the sensei, Elektra makes a bond with some local kids who are playing soccer, what is pretty cool. I guess Bennett nailed this issue, it´s filled with slick moves, great art and excellent dynamics, a perfect storytelling, also Rucka´s narrative and dialogues are awesome too. This was a solid issue, making Rucka´s run in this title very good so far (started reading it in # 11). I recommend this last arc story (issues # 16 and 17).
4 out 5

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