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    Lester is the criminal named Electrocutioner. He started out as a hero but ended up being a criminal and mercenary. Like many heroes and villains, two other people have used his identity.

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    Lester Buchinsky's brother was the original Electrocutioner, but was killed in combat. With the mantle empty, Lester stepped in and took up the title.

    He wasn't very effective at first and that showed in his encounters with Batman, Nightwing, and Robin. He teamed up with Cluemaster for a simple robbery, but was stopped by Stephanie Brown as the Spoiler. He didn't fair much better as he constantly got in the way of the success of his partners.


    Lester Buchinsky was created by Chuck Dixon in Detective Comics #644. His unnamed brother first appearance was in Batman #331 - Closed Circuit!

    Character Evolution

    He eventually became more skilled as a villain and has worked for Blockbuster. He was active in Bludhaven during that time

    Major Story Arcs

    Rise of Arsenal

    Employed under Prometheus, Lester then planted a bomb that would take out the majority of Star City and killed many people including Roy Harpers daughter Lian Harper. Green Arrow eventually realized what Lester did, and sought him out only to find that Speedy found him first. Lester was then was excessively beaten to the point of death, but Oliver decided against it. Lester was then sent off to a meta-human jail. Despite Green Arrows disapproval, Arsenal didn't like what had happened and proceeded to break into the prison and murder Lester.

    Powers and Abilities

    Like the other Electrocutioners, Lester has Electricity Manipulation and Production. He produce blasts from his hands in various degrees.

    Other Versions


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    Lester's unnamed brother was the Electrocutioner before Lester gained the mantle.

    Vigilante Enemy

    "I am your judge, jury and executioner and I sentence you to death by lethal voltage."

    The second Electrocutioner was a vigilante, his name and motives were not revealed but he considers himself a hero.

    He first appeared in Crescent City and began to kill criminals and people whom he believed escaped justice. Because of this he ran afoul of Batman who doesn't approve of his actions. However, this Electrocutioner didn't wish to fight Batman since he believes they are on the same side. This guy was killed by the Vigilante.


    Another mercenary to use the title Electrocutioner. He worked for Doctor Grass as hired protection for the Fun Factory, a human trafficking warehouse in southern California. The operation was broken up by Enginehead, and Kamen was severely injured.

    Other Media

    Justice League Unlimited

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    Electrocutioner had made an appearance in JLU. He was first seen in the meta-brawl where Wild Cat used to fight with other Meta Humans before Green Arrow and Black Canary stopped him. He was later a member of Grodd's Legion of Doom and was present when the Flash and Lex Luther accidentally switched minds. He later appeared in the episode 'Alive'.


    Electrocutioner appears in the FOX TV drama Gotham, first appearing the 11th episode "Rogues' Gallery" played by Christopher Heyerdahl.

    He is first introduced as an inmate of Arkham Asylum under the name Jack Gruber, he is later revealed to be behind a series of fatal electroshock therapy incidents on fellow patients. He eventually escapes with the help of Aaron Helzinger, where his real name is revealed to be the Jack Buchinksy and dubbed by the media as The Electricutuoner. He is eventually stopped by Jim Gordon during his attack on the GCPD offices.

    Video Games

    Batman NES level 3 boss
    Batman NES level 3 boss

    Batman (NES)

    Check out Giant Bomb for more information on this game.

    In the loosely-based Batman game for the Nintendo, Electrocutioner was the boss of stage 3. He had an electric sword-arm that was used to fling arcing high-voltage projectiles. Along with Killer Moth and Firebug, he was a supervillain working for The Joker.

    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Much to everyone's surprise, Electrocutioner was announced as one of the eight assassins in Batman Arkham Origins. He was first noticed in the mobile game trailer, and was then officially announced and given his own trailer a few day's later. His trailer first debuted at Comic Con 2013.

    In the game, Electrocutioner is meant to be more of a laughable assassin rather a hard one to beat. He first appears on the Penguin's boat "The Final Offer", taunting Batman. Batman then easily knocks him unconscious in one hit. Later in the game he and the other assassins are at a meeting hosted by the Joker. Electrocutioner is shown playing games on his phone rather than listing, to which Joker breaks the phone and starts shooting wildly at him, eventually pushing him out the window, killing him.


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