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    Golden age wonder robot and part of the World War II Superhero team known as The Twelve.

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    Electro was a robot created by Professor Philo Zog who was a great scientist, philanthropist and humanitarian. Electro was under the complete control of Professor Zog and his twelve assistants via remote control electra-wave thought impulse and television apparatus. Professor Zog would send Electro on various missions throughout the world to help civilians, battle crime, stop evil dictators and even extraterrestrial threats.


    Electro was created by artist/writer, Steve Dahlman, and appeared as the backup feature of publisher, Timely Comics, Marvel Mystery Comics from issues 4 to 19.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Twelve

    During World War II, every Allied superpower, sidekick or costume adventurer descended upon Berlin when the Germans were on the brink of defeat. Electro and eleven other costume individuals which included Rockman, Fiery Mask, the Witness, Black Widow, Mastermind Excello, Dynamic Man, Mister E, Captain Wonder, Blue Blade and Laughing Mask went into the headquarters of the SS and discovered a secret, underground chamber. The heroes were trapped in the chamber and Electro shut down when the signal that controlled him could not penetrate that far beneath the ground. The rest of the Twelve were gassed by German scientists and placed inside freezing tubes to be studied and dissected at a later date. However, certain parts of Berlin were seized by the Russians and most of the scientist were either killed or placed in prison camps. Electro and the rest of the Twelve would lay dormant in suspended animation until they were discovered sixty plus years later and awaken in our current, modern time.

    While the other members of the Twelve are rehabilitated in a safehouse in New York, Electro, still inactive, is stored in the safehouse's garage while Elizabeth Zogolowski, the niece of Philo Zog, and the US Government, who want to disassemble Electro to determine the secrets of his telepathic interface, fight over his ownership. Elizabeth ultimately obtains temporary custody of Electro, but lacks the money needed to reclaim him. Blue Blade offers to pay if Elizabeth allows him to use Electro in a cabaret show.

    Powers & Abilities

    Electro was a powerful robot with superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Electro could withstand bullets from numerous firearms, heavy artillery and explosives. Electro was capable of flight and possessed a hidden dagger.


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