Elder Kai

    Character » Elder Kai appears in 97 issues.

    Once the Supreme Kai, he was locked inside the Z-Sword for 15 generations

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    The Elder Kai was once a young kai, but gained his elder appearance after a witch unknowingly put on the other Potara earring fusing the two permanently. He shortly after ended up sealed inside the Z-Sword, and remained there for countless centuries until the sword was pulled from the stone by Gohan. Supreme Kai feeling the sword would aid in the defeat of Majin Buu, generated a cube of the strongest metal in the universe which when thrown by Goku ended up breaking the Z-Swords blade much to the Supreme Kai's astonishment as the Elder Kai was released. He then agreed to release Gohan's "hidden power" in a ritual that took a full day for the Elder Kai to complete, and allowed Gohan to fight on an even level with Buu until his absorption of several other Z-Fighters made Buu too powerful. The Elder Kai then gave his life to Goku so he could return to the Earth and fuse with Gohan in order to finally defeat Buu. He then played an integral part in the defeat of Buu, going to Namek to summon Porunga, to help Goku and Vegeta defeat Buu and also restoring the life of the world's population and Elder Kai's as well.

    Powers and Abilities

    During his young days Elder Kai was extremely powerful but much of his physical abilities disappeared upon his fusion with the old witch. Although in place of which he gained several magical abilities, the foremost of which being to release a person's hidden power. Also, he was somewhat lecherous.


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