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Elaine has a wonderful mind for details, which she used as a detective working for narcotics for four years. She then transferred to the homocide department, where she was coupled with Carolyn Dunn. Refusing to be corrupt, she tried to get an arrest warrant for the governor's son, who had committed a murder on a junkie. Instead, her partner arrested another junkie for the murder. To lower her morale, Elaine's superior gave her another partner, Michael Fulsom. Fulsom was openly corrupt, working for Jimmy Blute and making the murders of the Blute brothers look like accidents in the cases. Elaine thought about resigning from her job after working one day with Fulsom, but decided otherwise.


Elaine Pruitt was created by writer Al Ewing and artist Kewber Baal.

Major Story Arcs

With Fulsom, Elaine works on the case of Jennifer Blood, the mysterious person has killed the Blute brothers one by one. Investigating the murder of Pete Blute, the last of the brothers, Elaine connects the murder with a nearby road accident only a half hour after Pete Blute had died. She gives Michael the details about the road accident. The next day she discovers that Michael has been feeding information about the Jennifer Blood case to Katashi Oshiro, father of Skyler Oshiro, one of the original Ninjettes. Jennifer Blood has killed his daughter Skyler and he wants revenge on Blood. Going to Oshiro's mansion, they discover that Oshiro and his wife have been murdered by Jennifer Blood. Elaine and Fulsom are taken off the case however and they have to fall back on old evidence clues, such as the black stripper pants found in Pete Blute's mansion. Elaine tracks it down to Jack Thomas. Unknown to Elaine and Fulsom, Jack is Jennifer Blood's neighbor and she has decided to take him out by making his house explode. Going to Jack's house, Fulsom stand before Jack's front door, while Elaine wanders off because she thinks she has seen Jennifer Blood. When the explosion sets off, it kills Fulsom and severly wounds Elaine.

Powers and abilities

Elaine can see and speak to the dead. She is currently guided by three ghosts, those of her former partner Michael Fulsom, Jennifer Blood's dead husband Andrew Fellows and her childhood D&D-friend Larry. She also possesses a sharp, analytic mind.


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