Elaine Grey

    Character » Elaine Grey appears in 296 issues.

    The mother of Jean and Sara Grey.

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    Jean Grey's mother. Both Elaine and her husband John Grey had to cope with a lot of grief in their lives. As loving parents of X-men Jean Grey they could only stand on the sidelines watching Jean's remarkable mutant power's come to fruition. Having contacted Professor Charles Xavier in hope of him helping Jean cope with the loss of her best friend Annie's death and her newly gained mutant powers, they saw their daughter make a remarkable recovery from her depression. It would take another few years before Jean went off to study at Xavier's school for gifted youngsters (in the mean time learning more about her mutant powers).  

    Mayor Story Arcs


    When the Phoenix force took over as Jean Grey it let everybody think (including her parents) she was Jean and had become more powerful then ever. (When in fact the real Jean lay comatose in a protective cocoon in the waters near New York city). Elaine and John would, for the first time see Jean ( actually the Phoenix) as the powerful woman she had become when she visited them, showing them her new awesome powers just before she and the other X-men where teleported away by the Shi'ar, letting a baffled Elaine and John behind. Not long after these events the Phoenix killed herself in hope to stop her Dark Phoenix persona from stricking more harm to those she loves. Elaine and John where grief stricken with the loss of their daughter.  Luckily for them... Jean turned out to be alive and well, having been comatose for as long as the Phoenix force had taken over. However, Jean did have all the memories the Phoenix had.

    Happy Years

    Her parents had a long few years filled with joy and where there when Jean finally decided to marry her soul- and teammate Scott Summers, aka Cyclops with whom John and Elaine had a good relationship with. Not long after Jean and Scott had marriage problems. During this time... Jean died for real.... having a massive stroke given to her by Xorn, posing as a mad Magneto. Once again, Elaine and John where grief stricken...having the feeling they lost their daughter for a second time. 

    The Shi'ar Death Squad

    Rachel Grey, the daughter of Scott and Jean from another time-line contacted her "grandparents' not long after . She build up a good relation with her "grandfather" John. He even invited her to come to the Grey Family reunion party. That's when disaster struck.  During the party, Elaine's husband John was murdered by a Shi'ar death squad...followed soon by most of the other Grey family members. This was done to prevent the Phoenix force to ever find another "Grey" host. Elaine was protected from harm thanks to Rachel and the intervention of the X-men. Seeing her husband and most of her family dead... she lashed out at Rachel, saying this would have never happened if she wouldnt have been there. During this lashing out one member of the Shi'ar death squad saw it's chance at killing Elaine... Rachel losing her one lasting grandparent in the proces.
    Right after the carnage that had taken place..... there was an astral witch Rachel could see both her grandparents.... John and Elaine... smiling at her...and saying goodbye  to her... All had, seemingly, been forgiving.. but Rachel was still left with a feeling of grief, loss and responsibility for the death of her grandparents.

    Powers and Abilities

    Although the mother of the extremely powerful Jean Grey, Elaine was not a mutant and possessed no special powers.

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