El Toro Negro

    Character » El Toro Negro appears in 11 issues.

    Mercenary participant in the Great Game and enemy of Spider-Man.

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    El Toro Negro is a South American mercenary who participated in the Great Game, a competition of superly empowered individuals in which money betting was involved. He was defeated in a match with Joystick who traveled to the United States for a match with the Scarlet Spider. A sore loser, El Toro Negro then followed her to the country where he hospitalized Great Game official Henri and demanded Joystick's whereabouts before he started tracking her via cellphone vibrations. When he found Joystick, she was battling the Green Goblin and he assaulted both combatants. The Scarlet Spider arrived and joined forces with his opponent to defeat the mercenary. Scarlet Spider then webbed up El Toro Negro for the police, but he somehow managed to escape. El Toro Negro would then be hired by Great Game official Paris Scott to recruit Poison into the Game, which he did by taking her son hostage. Poison nearly agreed before Spider-Man came and helped Poison defeat the Black Bull.

    Weeks later, an enraged El Toro Negro began to kill everyone linked to the Great Game, including Chu Chi Huan. The mercenary then interrupted a battle between Polestar and Nightwatch and killed the latter. He then turned against Polestar to kill him too and kidnapped a child named Nolan Morelle who had the same abilities as Nightwatch. When J. Jonah Jameson sponsored Spider-Man into the Great Game, the web-slinger's allies, the Rocket Racer and the Prowler were attacked by the Black Bull's bazooka shell. Spider-Man then tracked down El Toro Negro and found him sniping at J. Jonah Jameson who was then saved. When Chance and Cardiac arrived, more melee broke out, and Joystick arrived to help Spider-Man fight off El Toro Negro. But the killer threw the fight because he wanted a different prey; one of the Game's sponsors. However, Spider-Man had hooked up video recorders in James Johnsmeyer's headquarters in which they were located, causing the sponsors who heard to call off the Great Game. Chance then captured the webbed-up El Toro Negro and delivered him to the Great Game mastermind Justin Hammer. Hammer would strap the mercenary into a device and ignored his mercy begs. El Toro Negro had desired the prize which would be eliminating his weakness and boosting his powers, but Hammer replied that the Black Bull's weakness was his brain and had a chainsaw driven into it. Whether El Toro Negro died or was lobotomized is unknown.


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