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Very little is known about El Gusano. Apparently Latin in origin, he has at least one brother, who works in the police department. He himself became involved in organized crime in Delta City, becoming a member of Boss Glitter's crime family. At some point he was given leadership of Glitter's businesses in the South Side of Delta


El Gusano was created by Keith Giffen, Tom Bierbaum, and Mary Bierbaum. He made his first appearance in The Heckler #1.

Major Story Arcs

The Heckler

Following King Mambo's arrest due to the efforts of the Heckler, El Gusano is also given control of the Beach District. El Gusano protests the added work, but ultimately accepts the new assignment. He warns the businesses on his new turf that he will soon begin collecting protection money from them, which brings him to the attention of Ledge, and thus the Heckler. Gusano attempts to bait a trap for Heckler, but Heckler lures him outside. The two fight, and despite his superior strength, Gusano is defeated by the hero. He is later sent to prison.

Powers and Abilities

El Gusano physically resembles an anthropomorphic earthworm, though it is unclear how or why this is. He is superhumanly strong and durable, and capable of burrowing through the earth.

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