El Beato

    Character » El Beato appears in 3 issues.

    He is a former drug dealer and leader of an organized crime syndicate.

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    He was working as an employee for U.S. government, which gave him the necessary contacts.

    During service in El Salvador as an officer, Gomez was in charge of interrogations. Probably, from this point Hector Gomez began to take pleasure to hurt people by torturing them. He fled El Salvador with a generous fraction of the nation treasury and Hector used it to begin his business ventures. El Beato bribed the government of Santa Prisca, where he started to produce drugs for distribution.

    El Beato kidnapped Aristotle and forced him and own father (Rodrigo Gomez) to turn metal into gold by using an alchemy. He believed that the act of witnessing the transformation of base metal to gold cleanses and purifies the soul. Transformation was successful, but caused an earthquake on the island during which the Question was able to escape along with Aristotle Rodor.

    Since then, Hector's soul has changed, and he has started to spend his money for charity, restoration of island and for other good purposes.


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