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    A modern day Robin Hood, Alejandro Montoya has the power to shoot bursts of electricity through metal conductors.

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    Alejandro Montoya developed the mutant ability to discharge bursts of electricity through metal conductors; such as his steel sword. Started fighting criminals in New York City and any money he got from criminals like drug dealers was donated to the poor. His exploits brought him into conflict with police as well as those famed Heroes for Hire, Power Man (Luke Cage) and Iron Fist. He was wanted for many years because of his activities outside the law.

    Montoya is a mutant who was born in Madrid, Spain. It is not known when or where Montoya undertook the art of fencing or if he adopted the identity of el Águila (The Eagle) before coming to America.

    He is depowered after the events of M-Day. Montoya has recently appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist, working as a consultant to the Penance private prison firm.


    El Águila was created by Mary Jo Duffy and Trevor Von Eeden in 1979 and first appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist # 58.

    Other versions

    The Zombie-Verse

    Deadpool would be trapped in a universe overrun by zombies when he tries to return the decapitated, zombie head of Deadpool to that dimension. Several AIM soldiers pursue Deadpool into that dimension because they want the zombie head as a weapon. A hot scientist named Professor Veronica persuades the merc with a mouth to capture a super that has been infected by the zombie virus so they can test their new serum. Deadpool and his decapitated buddy made some alterations on his costume and met with a zombie infected El Águila, Absorbing Man, Armadillo and Cypher outside.

    Deadpool lures the Cypher zombie to an isolated area where he is captured for the scientist. Deadpool is unaware that Absorbing Man followed them and learned the whereabouts of their hidden passageway to the surface. The next day, Deadpool is being escorted by Dr. Betty, Professor Veronica and company to the surface when they are confronted by El Aguila, Armadillo and Absorbing Man. The AIM soldiers that followed Deadpool to this universe want to finish their mission and retrieve the zombie head. They confront Deadpool and his group but they are attacked by the El Aguila zombie and company. The AIM soldiers flee so Armadillo and El Aguila chase after their meal. Some of the AIM soldiers think their safe when El Aguila electrocutes one soldier and starts eating his arm. The rest of the AIM soldiers fire away and the El Aguila zombie is shredded in a hail of gunfire.

    Powers & Abilities

    Can discharge electrostatic blast over a 30-ft range, of 10,000 volts; highly skilled swordsman; above-average strength; great agility.


    Height: 6 ft

    Weight:190 lbs

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black


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