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Up to the time before the great War of Trolls vs. Elves, or of Two-Edge half-troll who fought himsela, Ekuar had become Rayek's mentor, wherein he became adept at "using the force"; general skills such as flight to supplement his inborn gaze.

Inside the Palace

Ever since, Ekuar remains Rayek's companion and confidant, remaining in the Palace of the High Ones after the great war of the original ElfQuest. During ElfQuest: Siege At Blue Mountain, he finally found the respite for his weary soul, as a counselor and liaison of the Palace, mitigating Rayek and the Go-Backs, any visitors, The High-Ones, and even Two-Edge half-elf.

Slave to the Trolls

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He is soothe-mannered and entirely sympathetic, but the trolls who are miners once tortured Ekuar-Rockshaper. They had continuously sought to exploit his talent that the trolls could mine metals without toil. As subject to the trolls, Guttlecraw removed one of Ekuar's 4 fingers ruthlessly, using it to create a terrifying crown out of elf-fingers.

In addition to having lost a finger, Ekuar has only one arm and walks with a branch for a cane.


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