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    Honored Fallen Lantern of Space Sector 3500

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    Green Lantern
    Status: Deceased
    Space Sector: 3500

    Sector Partner: Unknown
    Homeworld: Vengar

    Predecessor: Unknown
    Successor: Unknown


    Ekron is a humanoid who operates within a massive skull-shaped craft. Although this skull showed aspects of its own sentience, it is unclear whether it was a starship, a construct of Oan energy, or a sentient being of its own. When Lobo stole the emerald eye from the Green Lantern of Vengar, he set off a terrible chain reaction of destruction. The skull's eyes operated like massive Lantern power rings, and the loss of one crippled Ekron's ability to defend his Space Sector.

    Unfortunately, Lobo stole the eye at the worst time possible. Ekron's sector was soon overrun by the Stygian horde; the genocidal armies of Lady Styx. With one of his power sources gone, the Green Lantern of Vengar was unable to prevent the wholesale slaughter of life within his sector. Driven by the tragedy inflicted on his sector and a desire for revenge, the Lantern set off in pursuit of Lobo intent on recovering his lost eye. Lobo fled with the eye, secretly hoping to use it to kill the Triple Fish God, freeing Lobo from a religious oath of pacifism that was maddeningly frustrating to the bloodthirsty bounty hunter.

    While evading the Green Lantern, Lobo ran into Animal Man, Starfire, and Adam Strange. The trio of heroes were part of a team sent into space to deal with the ramifications of the Infinite Crisis and had emerged from that battle wounded and lost in space.  Despite their dire circumstances, the heroes vowed to stop the Stygian horde, even if it meant that they would never return home again. When Ekron caught up with Lobo, the heroes initially believed that the Lantern was hostile. After a short battle, Starfire recognized the Lantern insignia emanating from the skull's cockpit. The Lantern of Vengar soon explained the tragedy of his sector to the Earth heroes and the two forces decided to team up to stop the zombie horde from committing further genocide.

    Lobo proposed a plan and revealed that Lady Styx had placed a bounty on the heads of Adam Strange, Animal Man, and Starfire. The bounty hunter would take the heroes directly to the evil witch where they could then attack her directly.  While Animal Man and Starfire were presented as prisoners, Adam Strange and Ekron would take position outside Lady Styx' command center, and wait to strike.  Overrun by Styx' zombie army, Animal Man sent out the signal to Adam Strange to fire on the empress of death.  Strange's attack missed its mark and the heroes were soon engulfed in the clutches of Styx mindless minions when Ekron burst through the glass ceiling of her command room and smashed into Lady Styx. Although the villain smashed through the cockpit to the humanoid inside, Ekron continued to carry her off planet into space.  Driving a kamikaze run into a sun eater, the Green Lantern of Vengar died eliminating the menace of Lady Styx from the universe.

    His lost eye would survive him, lasting through the centuries until it came into the posession of the Emerald Empress during the 31st Century, who uses it for villianous ends.


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