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Batman Evolution

Ekin Tzu is the head (Dai Lo) of the Lucky Hands Triad in Gotham City and a follower to I-Ching and T'ung Shu. Eventually, Tzu becomes enraged as well as vulnerable when his wife Mei Ling and daughter are killed. Whisper A'Daire ordered her bodyguard Kyle Abbot to murder Tzu's wife and framed Vasily Kosov, the head of the the Odessa Russian mob in Gotham for Ling's death. Whisper manipulates the distraught Tzu and he accepts Whisper's offer to join her operation. Being the snakelike seductress that she is, Whisper convinces Tzu to undergo a metamorphosis that altered her DNA and Kyle's. Tzu at first, was hesitant about Whisper's suggestion but she manages to win his devotion when she delivers Kosov. The immortality potion that gave Whisper and Kyle their powers, enabled Tzu to have raven-like abilities. Following the defeat of Whisper and Abott he escapes, as his religious beliefs prevent him from coming into conflict with Batman.

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