Character » Ekimus appears in 30 issues.

    Ekimus is a member of an ancient race that predates humanity called the Grigori and were present during the biblical time of The Garden of Eden.

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    Ekimus and his race were created before man but were ignored by God because they did not possess a soul and were replaced by God's new creation  Man. Lucifer taking advantage of the Grigori rejection persuaded the Grigori race to join his army to rebel against God. Ekimus was made a Lieutenant of Lucifer's army  and fought against God and his army only to be defeated by God's army surviving the war. As punishment for their uprising the Grigori  and Dragons were sentenced by God to guard the Tree of Life in a desolate desert until the time they would be redeemed in God's eyes. Ekimus escaped God's sentence and instead wondered the world alone cursed by God Ekimus was forced to feed off of flesh and blood to maintain his immortal existence. Bitter and alone he came upon another of God's failed creation named Lilith both looking for comfort and not wishing to be alone mated and created the 1st vampires Ekimus passing God's curse to their  offspring.

    Ekimus soon realized what he had done and did not wish to compound his sins and instead  chose a life of seclusion, redemption and to find a way to undo what he had brought into the world.  Ekimus donned priestly robes and gave himself  the name Ekimus and became a recluse living in an old abandoned church. During one of his night excursions he came upon Rose the Puppet  and her vampire gang called the Jelly Bats while they were feeding, He managed to drive them away and save one of the survivors and feed him his own blood creating a new Vampire that he would often refer as the Chosen One. The survivor of the vampire attack was Alex Elder whom Ekimus would take back to his church and help guide him in hopes that he would be the one to help him rid the world of the curse he brought into the world.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ekimus is the original vampire and as such possesses various powers and abilities that is not common nor inherent to other vampires. He is a Fire Caster able to generate flames and create intense explosions.

    He is also capable of flight and has no weakness that are inherent to vampires, this allows him to survive in sunlight but often remains away from it due to his stone like appearance which he usually keeps hidden beneath a hood.

     He possesses superhuman strength enough to shatter and collapse stone church pillars.

    He is also Immortal and possesses a regenerative healing factor like all vampires and possesses superhuman senses that boarder on the mystical able to sense demonic or angelic beings.

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