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Einar was the daughter of Thorvald, the chief of a viking village called Redhangir on Midgard. During a battle with Skald and his demon horde, Thorvald was slain. As a result young Einar became Redhangir's new leader. Born a viking warrior, Einar possesses natural leadership and is skilled with a sword. Despite her strengths, she earns the ire of several of the older men in her village, who attempt to demotivate her and further go on to attack her at a later point. Despite outnumbered she finds strength and courage to defeat her attackers proving herself further more to her village that she is the most capable to lead them.  
She plays a pivotal role in Thor's conquest of Skald and his army.  Giving the thunder god a braid of her hair, he is able to "anchor" himself on Migard. Without this, he becomes weak from a shackle spell cast by Hela.  After Thor returns victorious from battle, Einar beds with him - an act she believes is of worship to her god. 


Einar is a Marvel comics character, created by writer Michael Carey, and artists Michael Perkins and Dan Brown. She first appears in the one shot Thor: Wolves of the North #1. 

Powers and Abilities

Einar possesses no super human attributes, but she was a fierce and proud warrior and was skilled with a sword. She was able to fight back and hold her own against several enemies larger than herself. She once gave Thor a lock of her hair which bounded both of them together for a short while.  

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