Eighth Metal

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    The mythological Eighth Metal is the forge element of the gods. Many of their wears and armaments fashioned for their disciples; such as the Amazons, are made of this material.

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    The Eighth Metal is one of the purer alloys crafted and forged by The Gods just a few leagues weaker than the Ninth & Tenth of the Dark Multiverse.

    A great many smithing gods have utilized this metal for the crafting and forging of the weapons, equipment and armor for their pantheons. Hephaestus used this metal to forge weapons and armor for his fellow gods and their mortal worshipers alike; such as the Sunblade for Apollo or the armor & weapons for their sentinels on Earth such as armaments and protective wear like the bracelets, sword and certain other items utilized by Wonder Woman.

    The Batman Who Laughs made use of bullets forged of Eighth Metal to critically injure Wonder Woman, having claimed its the same substance as the invisible jet Diana had on other worlds throughout the Multiverse.


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