Eight Gates

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    Eight chakra limit points in your body that controls your limit of ability, but released if opened.

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    Eight Gates

    They are eight important chakra points in the body. This is what limits the chakra in your body. So if you use it you have limits. After you use this it makes your body weaker. If you uses this you can pass the normal physical standers, but have extreme pain to the body. Rock Lee is one who can open open the 5 gates only for now. Might Guy, the one who even though Lee about this, can open 6. Kakashi Hatake can only open 1, this is proven because while he was rock climbing it shows in his brain the first gate activating.

    The First Gate

    This gate is called the Gate of Opening, this frees the brain limit on all the strains and muscles, giving the user 5 times more speed and strength.

    The Second Gate

    This is called the Gate of Rest, you release the brain limit on your stamina, If the user was exhausted and ready to quit in an instant he would want to fight like the fight didn't even start yet.

    The Third Gate

    This is called the Gate of Life, this gate is in your spinal cord, and frees the limit to your nervous system through out your body. This makes information faster and builds more stamina. The side-effect of this is your body's skin will turn red because your building your blood-oxygen rate.

    The Fourth Gate

    This gate is called the Gate of Pain, It releases the limit oxygen going to your lungs, making more oxygen for the users body to use.

    The Fifth Gate

    This gate is called the Gate of Closing, this frees the amount of chakra you can use in one attack, this allows you to move the speed of sound.

    The Sixth Gate

    This gate is called the Gate of Joy, this takes away the amount of fat and protein your body can digest. And releasing useless energy resources giving the person more power and more stamina.

    The Seventh Gate

    This gate is called the Gate of Shock, this takes away the amount your body can move, it takes away your dead skin cells to fences and refresh your system making your body more power and more stamina.

    The Eight Gate

    This gate is called the Gate of Death, this is the last gate, it is at the heart and uses your whole body's energy, it makes your heart pump at its fullest speed and passes all the 1-7 gates. It uses every cell in your body. There is side-effect of this called the Big Bang it kills every muscle in the body and the heart. Its a certified death on the user if the Gate of Death is ever opened.


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