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    A very young skaterboy and member of the Fatboys. He was a frequently appearing character along with his gang in the Daredevil comics, even helped him at time.

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    A very young street urchin and member of the Fatboys, a street-group of skating youths located in New York City's Hell Kitchen. He was a frequently appearing character along with his gang in the Daredevil comics, even helped him at time. He was also the 'kind of' boyfriend of fellow Fatboys group member and only girl of the group, Darla (though neither of them would ever admit it). Eight-Ball was originally known as Butch when he used to wear a skating-helmet with 3 stars on it, but the symbol later became an 8-ball, and thus he changed his nickname in "Eight-Ball". Butch hasn't been seen in some time, but is presumably still living in Hell's Kitchen.


    For more information see: Inferno

    While New York City is literally going to Hell, Butch, Darla, Karen Page, and Black Widow, travel cross town to speak with a police detective about finding Daredevil, who has been missing for a few days and feared to be dead. After seeing the detective the four head back to the clinic, and find it destroyed.

    Later Butch finds Daredevil passed out in the street. When Daredevil comes around he asks Butch what happening, and Butch tells him the world is going to Hell and Karen has left, and he blames Matt Murdock for it.

    Later after, Daredevil leaves Butch to try to save who he can from the Inferno, Butch and Darla walk around watching Daredevil be a hero. Butch is the one person who realizes that Daredevil is acting without emotion. Butch is also there when Daredevil defeats the last demon and start to pick up trash, to make New York City a better place.


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