Character » Eidolon appears in 16 issues.

    Mina Nez is a psiot and soldier in the black-ops organization known as the Black Bar.

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    Mina aka Eideolon is an activated Psiot connected to Bloodshot's past. She was saved by him from a different research company and sold to Black Bar. She was originally used by Sons of the Last Flesh to augment individuals for their religion but after being saved by Bloodshot (who was under the control of a different organization at the time), she was sold by Black Bar and lived with them for seven years. She was trained on using her Psiot abilities, as well as trained in field combat, weapons, and strategy.

    Bloodshot would attempt to rescue her after learning she had been taken by Black Bar. He was able to attempt a rescue mission during a horror convention in Florida that Mina wanted to attend. There, the two faced both agents of Black Bar and Sons of the Last Flesh.

    The pair fled from Florida to a remote island where Black Bar held various weapons too dangerous for mankind, include The Glorymen (augmented Taliban soldiers), Bies and Chort (augmented roaches with alien DNA), a Vine Planting, and more. The various monsters/weapons were activated by The Burned and sent to attack major governments. Bloodshot worked with Mina and Blackbar (as well as other superheroes) to take down the monsters. Mina seemed to develop a romantic interest in Bloodshot, as well as develop heroic tendencies thanks to his personality.

    She was last seen still working for Black Bar.

    Powers & Abilities

    Eidolon is a Psiot capable of sensing genes/genetic anomalies and manipulating genetics. She has used her powers to weaken/damage Bloodshot. She can also duplicate the abilities of others by studying their genetics, including hand-to-hand combat, piloting, and other skills. Her powers earned her the alias DNA Whisperer.


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