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The Eidolon were a warrior race believed to have gone extinct at least a thousand years ago. Their greatest creation were the sentient battle suits that bonded to the user. Upon bonding with someone the wearer's body was covered with "mandalas."


Quick Adaptability: Adapts to any environment and dangers, such as sealing against the vacuum of space.

Healing Factor: The suit is capable of healing injuries to both itself and the wearer.

Flight: The suit is capable of incredibly fast flight in an atmosphere as well as interstellar travel.

Remote Drones: The armor produces (referred to as "unskinning") remote drones that could be morphed into spy devices, manual labor, or remote weapon platforms as the wearer needed. A downside to this is that if a drone is destroyed, it sends negative feedback back to the user.

Weapon Systems:

Right Arm: A set of small rotating drones were normally around the right gauntlet.

Left Arm: A large Plasma Cannon is based on the left forearm. It could also produce other energies and frequencies, including 'alpha waves' to make an opponent fall asleep.

Morphing: The Warwear is capable of altering the users physical structure and create weapons (blades for example) to the users needs.

Drones: As previously mentioned, drones can be un-skinned and are capable of serving as remote weapon platforms. The destruction of a drone sends negative feedback to the wearer.


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