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    Egghead is an arch-criminal created specifically for the 1960's Batman TV show: a technological genius but recklessly impatient, his theme is trick eggs and "so bad they're good" egg-based Puns.

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    The origin of Egghead has never been revealed.

    Egghead is an egg-based villain from the Adam West Batman Show. He wears an egg-white jacket and suit with a yolk-yellow shirt and has an unusually pale bald head, his features clearly a pun off the slang term "egghead" used for a scientific genius. Like most "supercriminals" from the series, Egghead often used theme-based weaponry to thwart the Dynamic Duo, in his case egg-based weapons, such as radar eggs, stinking egg bombs, tear gas eggs, and a laughing Gas that was easily reversed by Batman's "sad pill" but only after Egghead has successfully escaped. Egghead also demonstrated a level of technological genius that lived up to this billing as the "world's most intelligent criminal", such as inventing a device that enabled him to read other people's minds and transfer all their knowledge into his own mind. Most of his schemes involved an exploitation of science.

    Despite this high technological intelligence, Egghead had no more than average strategic talents, a self-sabotaging level of impatience, an aggressive physical cowardice, and repeatedly demonstrated a need for external validation in the TV episodes he appeared in. This need for external validation made it easy for his frequent criminal partner, Olga, Queen of the Bessarovian Cossacks, to control him without any subtlety at all, and more than once, Batman used it to trick Egghead.

    Egghead was egg-xtremely prone to egg-zuberant and egg-gregious egg-punning. Played by brilliant horror actor and comic actor Vincent Price, he also excelled at Vincent Price's trademark villainous cackling.

    His appearances in the 60's show include: "An Egg Grown In Gotham" (his first appearance), "The Yegg Foes in Gotham," "The Ogg and I," "How to Hatch A Dinosaur," "The Ogg Couple," and several cameos in others. He has rarely appeared inside the comic book DCU.

    Egghead was portrayed by Vincent Price in the Adam West Batman TV series.


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