Character » Egghead appears in 27 issues.

    Egghead is a synthezoid member of the Young Masters.

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    Not much is known about Egghead's past, except he was chosen by Coat of Arms to be part of her team, the Young Masters. He was designed to respect all human life until he met Big Zero and she began changing his parameters.


    Egghead was created by Paul Cornell and Mark Brooks in 2009 and first appeared in Dark Reign: Young Avengers # 1.

    Powers and Abilities

    Egghead is a robot, who has been seen using many abilities. He has been seen hovering in the air, become intangible and possibly suggesting flight/levitation. He was also able to somehow place a criminal into a coma for thirty years, possibly suggesting some form of telepathy. He has also been seen in another form, that of an older man in a suit, in order to hide his true appearance in public, which is very noticeable. He doesn't take on this form all the time, but does in public, and sometimes at their hideout.


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