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    Fabio Medina was a new mutant recruited in San Diego by Cyclops' revolutionary X-Men. His mutant power appears to revolve around strange bouncing balls that he expels from his body. After being on several mutant-related teams, he's now going to regular public school, where he befriends Spider-Man (Miles Morales.)

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    A young man from San Diego, California, Fabio's new mutation emerges after someone attempts to rob him. The odd, bouncing balls that shoot from his body cause panic around him and the police attempt to arrest him. Cyclops, and his team of X-Men, arrive to defend him. Though the team is attacked by Sentinels, they are able to whisk Fabio away to his new life as a mutant.


    Fabio was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Chris Bachalo. He first appeared in the story "The New Revolution" in Uncanny X-Men Vol.3 issue 1(2013).

    Major Story Arcs

    The New Revolution

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    After being recruited by Cyclops, the new mutants get to know each other better. They are soon sucked into Limbo by Dormammu and Fabio is scared, as well as the other new mutants. Thanks to the Cuckoos, Fabio and the rest are forced into a feeling of bravery as they battle for their survival. After Illyana absorbs Limbo and sends the X-Men out of the dimension, Fabio cries to go home. Fabio is allowed to leave and Emma and Scott escort him home where he reunites with his family and shows them he is a indeed a mutant. Not long after this revelation, the mutant Dazzler enters their house and questions Fabio to tell her where Cyclops is. Dazzler kidnaps Fabio and interrogates him on a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, but he refuses to tell her much of anything and it isn't long before Cyclops' team invades the helicarrier and rescues Fabio.

    He re-dedicates himself to his training with the team and to it's mission. He becomes so dedicated that when Scott Summers loses heart, Fabio erupts in a rage, seemingly killing Scott with his balls. It is his teammate Triage that heals Scott.

    End of the Revolution

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    After Cyclops had disbanded the New Xavier School, the students, rather than joining the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, band together to form an unaffiliated team of super heroes. In their first outting the team once again faced off against one of their first threats, a young mutant named Animax. In an outburst against her abusive father Animax had psychically summoned an army of monsters to terrorize a highschool where he worked as a football coach. As the team arrived in a jet controlled by Hijack, the mutants quickly set out to stop her. With Morph (Deeds)talking her down and the Stepford Cuckoos holding back her assault, Goldballs used his ability to knock her out. All of this was captured via cellphone camera and blew up overnight as the mutants quickly became famous. Fabio was called by his parents who proudly spoke about their son on live TV, but the fame didn't stop there. From talk-shows to magazine covers, the team became more loved with every villain they fought, which ranged to even the likes of defeating Klaw.

    It wasn't until the world learned from Fabio's parents that he was a mutant, that things would quickly change. After defeating yet another villain, Goldballs expected praise from the onlooking crowd only for a glass bottle to be thrown at the young hero, leaving shards of broken glass stuck in his neck. While the Cuckoos drove off their attackers psychically, Triage and Morph went on to help heal Fabio's near fatal injury before they fled. Learning the hard way that despite their good intentions that their mutant gene would still be hated, Hijack brought them to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, knowing that they would have a lot to learn still about being accepted.

    Meeting Miles Morellis and High School

    Attending regular high-school
    Attending regular high-school

    Eventually, Fabio decided he had had enough of the X-Men and went his own way. He went to regular high-school, in which he befriended Miles Morellis, the other Spider-Man. When they learned of each other's secret, that they where both superheroes, the bond between them became even bigger. They have teamed-up on a number of ocassions to fight crime.

    Powers & Abilities

    Fabio has the mutant ability to project solid gold balls from his body. They leave his body with an audible "poink"! While it is unknown if these balls are actually composed of metal or gold, they are highly durable and not prone to popping or bursting. The balls seem to be able to bounce and he can project them from any part of his body at any size. They fly at high speeds and he is able to summon up an infinite amount in order to attack his enemies. Given the chance to concentrate, he can direct them in a specific area or project them in a straight line.

    After much training, he can properly control the amount or frequency at which he summons them. For example, he was able to knock a gun away from an enemy with one directed ball. However, in times of stress and anxiety he often leaves the battleground covered in scattered balls that endanger both enemies and allies. When he calms himself and dismisses them, the gold balls vanish completely, having no need to reabsorb them back into his person.

    Fabio has learned a small degree of self defense from the New Xavier School, most likely various forms of martial arts. Now he eagerly shouts out the name "Goldballs!" in activation of his power.


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