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E.G. Mine was created by Yasuhiro Nightow for his Trigun series.

Major Story Arc


E.G. Mine was the second member of the Gung Ho Guns to face Vash the Stampede, right after Monev the Gale, whom he apparently killed for his failure. Despite considering himself greater than Monev, E.G. Mine was quickly defeated by Vash, who used one perfectly placed shot to cut the belt that was keeping E.G. Mine's suit together. Dumb-founded after witnessing Vash's quickness, he was finished with a single blow from Vash with a swing of his bag of supplies. 
His final fate is unknown, but he was most likely killed by one of his fellow Gung Ho Guns for his failure, just like Monev.

Powers and Abilities

E.G. Mine wears a special suit that with two spike-covered half-spheres. He can control these spikes with threads tied to his fingers, allowing him to fire off a devastating volley of spikes with but a motion of his fingers.
Although E.G. Mine doesn't seem to posses any inherent special abilities, he does seem to be an unnaturally tall person, much taller than Vash, who is already quite tall himself.

Anime Version

One of the main differences between the manga and anime versions of E.G. Mine is the difference in size, with the manga version of E.G. Mine being much bigger and having many more spikes on his suit than the anime version. In the anime, he is also the third, rather than the second, Gung Ho Gun to face Vash, in this case right after Dominique the Cyclops
Also, soon after he is defeated by Vash, E.G. Mine faces Rai-Dei the Blade, who manages to cut some of his spikes and soon afterwards stabs him with his sword, killing him almost instantaneously.

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