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Warren Publishing's outlet for everything fantastic, sinister, and otherworldly travels through the early '70s at light speed! This excursion features the work of comic-book luminaries Ernie Colón, Mike Ploog, and Dave Cockrum, as well as fan-favoriteEerie creators Doug Moench, Don Glut, Tom Sutton, Sanjulian, Esteban Maroto, and Steve Skeates.

Collects Eerie #37-41.

The Other Side of Atlantis

In search of a reason for being, Prince Targo is waylaid in deep sea waters.

Horror At Hamilton House

Fortune hunter Vince Carter defies a family curse.

The Ones Who Stole it From You

Puck's words were never true-"What fools these mortals be!".

A Rush of Wings

Death, come softly on butterfly wings.


The Sorcerer Garthstane keeps an army of guardsmen loyal with a spell.

Stake in the Game

An inquiring photographer for the Sunday supplement inquires to far.

The Carrier of the Serpent

Some call the road to Ra-noon "the path of life" while others call it "the horror".

A Stranger in Hell

He walks the night, condemned to a journey through pain and horror.

The Night the Snow Spilled Blood

No sweet dreams of a White Christmas for hapless Anthony Crane.

Head Shop

Follow the pitiful route of Christopher Ducey as he travels the thin line between sanity and insanity.

Just Passin' Through

A classic allegory of Gods who walk among us, condemned to wait out their life span on earth, alone and unknown.

The Disenfranchised

"Home Sweet Home" was but a frail empty phrase for poor Harold. First, they took his home and then his mind.

Dax, the Warrior

The start of a spectacular new and different Sword and Sorcery series about Dax, a warrior of older time.

Yesterday is the Day Before Tomorrow

Run, Andros Palmer! Run as fast as you can! The police are mechanized and there is almost no way to out-race them.


A monstrous human heart, twisted out of shape, sits hidden in a cave. The heart of young Chlan, too young to die.

The Brain of Frankenstein

What was it that "Frankenstein" chronicler Mary Shelley failed to tell us? Listen to the tale of Baron Victor Frankenstein.

The Once Powerful Prince

Targo, victorious prince of the undersea world, duels to the death with the man who robbed him of his glorious powers.

The Paradise Tree

Follow Dax, the warrior of ages past, as he climbs inside the tree of life, like poor Alice chasing the Mad Hatter.


The morbid tale of a man condemned to die, alone with his thoughts in the big house, alone with death as it stalks.

The Prodigy Son

Frog in your throat? Knotty feeling in your tummy? Maybe you harbor the tortured sou of another within. A true chiller.

Pity the Gravedigger

The deathly tale of an old caretaker who warned of vampire bats loose in the graveyard. Pity!


Sweet dreams of immortality have troubled the sleep of humankind since the dawn of recorded time. Dream no longer, mortals. Infinity is here.

West Coast Turnaround

And this little piggy went to Los Angeles in search of fame and fortune. Popping pills to keep himself awake on the endless drive across country.

Heir Pollution

Crawling horror awaits just beneath the surface of the river bed, implanted there by man in his almighty greed. Beware your tread for terror lurks.

The Caterpillars

Twenty stories beneath the cavernous streets, top government scientists work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to perfect the ultimate weapon.


Floating there in the cosmos, no more than a smudge, a lone ship of death travels the empty corridors of space, unknown terror its only cargo.

The Safest Way

He traveled between enemy camps, a martyr in the cause of reason. Visit the not-too-distant future of a paranoid America governed by the military.


Dax, the Warrior, fights the battle of the ages on a cosmic chessboard with his father and closest friends as pawns. Beware the Chess Master. Our greatest Dax, the Warrior story yet!



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Story Arcs

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