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This excursion features the work of comic-book luminaries Ernie Colon, Mike Ploog, and Dave Cockrum, as well as fan-favorite Eerie creators Doug Moench, Don Glut, Tom Sutton, Sanjulian, Esteban Maroto, and Steve Skeats. Each volume in this series reprints times tales of horror in a high-quality hardcover format, including all “Monster Gallery,” “Dear Cousin Eerie,” and other fan pages!

Collects Eerie #32-36.


Crime Crusher swings through the night, striking fear in the hearts of evildoers.

The Waking of the Hawk

A strange being frozen in a cake of ice thousands of years old.


A voluminous venture into the world of Lovecraft Poe and his loathsome literature.

I Fell For You

A journey to a famed casino in Las Vegas is the setting for this fast paces tale.

Soul Power

Leave it to the Devil to come up with something more frightening than death.

Ice World

We take you on a trip into the year 2000 A.D.

A Trip in Time

The destination is the prehistoric past... or is it really the awesome unknown?

243 Blank Pages

Arthur Simpson finds a mystic book with the power of life and death.

Whom the Gods Would Destroy

In the rubble-strewn ruin of a once mighty city, men wage the final war.

Escape into Chaos

Looking for a way out, a murderer hides in an ancient house...and finds it's really way, way, out!


A mind-bending adventure of two spacemen who discover an organism named Arkhorn, drifting aimlessly in space.

The Pest

A new menace threatens mankind...produced by man himself!

The Painting in the Tower

Two grisly specters haunt Baron Von Elrodd, a hanged girl and the severed hands of her artist father.

Parting is Such Sweet Horror

An ancient house filled with a maze of garbage and clutter, and a horrifying secret.

Eye of Cyclops

Two shipwrecked voyagers pit their prowess cunning against a monster out of legend.

He Who Laughs Last, is Grotesque

The dying curse of Baron Morag yields unexpected results.

Food For Thought

A half-mad spaceman bites off more than he can chew.

Vow of the Wizard

A cautionary tale for sword and sorcery fans.

The Sound of Wings

From out of the desert sky, monstrous evil descends.

Lair of the Horned Man

A medicine man uses a strange totem to terrorize his tribal chief.


A wealth of golf, and the strange powers of the serpent god, Thurnool.

The Comet's Curse

A necromancer's vengeful spell spans twenty centuries.

The Tower of the Demon Dooms

Warrior Evrom Dag battles a wizard and a creature from beyond to bring his sweetheart back from the grave.

I am Dead, Egypt, Dead!

Greed, the desert, and an ancient pharaoh's curse combine to create mayhem.

Like Cats and Dogs

Veteran Willie Cobb experiences a horrific homecoming.


A Korean folk tale passed down through the ages, becomes a timeless legend

Bad Moon on the Rise

Loup Garou! The were-monster that stalks the swamp.

The Silence and the Sleep

Concert pianist John Sutherland finds his murder victim has arranged a command performance for him.


War rages beneath the waves in this tale of sunken Atlantis.

Look What They've Done

Can a man be condemned to live in a comic-book story?


In the Brazilian jungle, Dr. Kracalik conducts experiments involving man and reptile.

The Trap

In which the only way out is murder!

Oh, Brother

A space ship disgorges alien monsters into the crowded streets of Manhattan...and that's just for openers!



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Story Arcs

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