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Collecting issues #61-#64 from the midseventies, this terrible tome features dark and dystopian tales from talents like Wally Wood (“Killer Hawk”), Alex Toth (“Daddy and the Pie”), Bernie Wrightson (“Cool Air”), and Richard Corben (“The Butcher”). Revel in the vengeful exploits of favorite recurring characters Dr. Archaeus, Coffin, Exterminator One, the Spook, and others! This deluxe hardcover also includes all original letters columns and color frontispieces, and painted covers by Ken Kelly and Sanjulian.

New introduction by Tom Neely (The Blot, The Wolf).

Bernie Wrightson brings to life the disturbing H. P. Lovecraft yarn “Cool Air”!

The Eerie Eye

A double-barrelled treat this issue. Ken Kelly, cover artist extraordinaire reveals his secret...the kind of artwork he lies to do best. Plus...a preview of forthcoming series by Gonzalo Mayo!

Coffin: Death Wish

The witch-doctor had done this...staked him out in the blazing desert sun, to be slowly roasted and eaten by cannibal ants. He had been left to a coward's death. But his soul refused to die!

Killer Hawk

Earth started the war. They were the heavies. But to them, we were in the wrong...we Martians as they called us. They wanted our land. We refused them. Now the greedy Earthmen would have to die!

Cotton Boy & Captain Blood

Cotton Boy hated all white folks. They worked him, spit on him...and kept him chained. Mostly, Cotton boy hated the man who sold him into slavery. He hated enough to kill!

And The Mummies Walk

Arthur Lemming was cursed. He was a werewolf. But through witchcraft his mind was trapped in the corpse of a mummy. Only one thing could save him...the amulet of power!

Dr. Archaeus: Foreplay

Miles Sanford was dead. Killed by a madman he had hunted; the murderous Dr. Archaeus. Now, Archaeus would have to die. And one man was his equal. The assassin, Blackraven

The Eerie Eye

Rich Corben. Jose Gonzalez. Esteban Maroto. You've met the top artist on our feature page. Now meet some of the people who help bring you the best in comics. A peek of the scenes at Warren!

The Apocalypse: The War

First come the pawns! They fight. They kill. They die! Next, the knights attack, pillaging, murdering, being murdered. Only kings remain. Will they fall, too, on life's chessboard?

Cool Air

The doctor was an odd man. He kept himself locked in a lavishly furnished ice box. His room was big and comfortable, too. But cold! Cold as death! It felt like the room of a morgue; a place for bodies!

Spook: Crackermeyer

Like a vulture, that white man swooped down, claimin' the church and black graveyard. Wee couldn't give in, so he cut a boy in two! Now he has the cemetery... and a Spook!

The Butcher

Carlo Gambino was on his deathbed. But hitmen were sent to blast him and his priest into heaven. Why? To start a gangland massacre? A holy war with the church? Or to pave the way for a Butcher?

The Unholy Creation

Kuzzo was ugly. He was a dwarf and a hunchback! All his life he wanted to feel the caress of a beautiful woman. But he knew it would never be. Not, at least, in the Circus of Pain

And the Mummies Walk

It is over! The long search for a missing body. The horror of being trapped in a bandaged hulk. The terror of murdering a wife! For Arthur Lemming, a nightmare ended!

The Eerie Eye

Is it true what they say about Berni Wrightson? Is he really a patchwork monster created from unneeded parts of Will Eisner's, Neal Adams' & Graham Ingels' bodies? Or is he just a good artist?

Night of the Jackass

They were at it again. The madmen. The suiciders. They had taken the Hyde drug. And in twenty four hours they'd die. But first...there was hell to God's own Christian church!

Hollow of the Three Hills

"Put your head in my lap. dearie and I'll bring you beautiful visions of tormented souls," the witch cackled. "But beware, dearie. For my visions could cost you your very sanity!"

Spook: Grandaddies

Even Crackermeyer would hang at dawn/ He killed the moron-boy...and kidnapped his new wife. The voodoo man would have to die, unless something could bring the boy back!

Exterminator One

My plan was working perfectly. One squeeze of the trigger, and a bullet ripped through the old man's skull, splattering his brains across the room. Then another shot tore my arm off!

And The Mummy Walks

She was in love with an Egyptian prince who had died four-thousand years earlier. but she found a way to be with him, to have him. An amulet would merge their minds, make them one!

The Apocalypse: Famine

War came. And the young boys reveled in the glory of marching off to fight. To kill for their country. But war is hard. And boys soon change. They begin killing for themselves!

Night of the Jackass

There was hell in the orphanage. Somehow children had gotten hold of the Hyde drug...the Jackass serum. and it changed them. Turned them into rampaging monsters!

The Story

Comic books. where do they come from? How are they made? An indepth analysis details each step in the production of an exciting entertainment media/ The issue: the makeup of a comic script!

Exterminator One

They lied. They said I was the only killing machine...Exterminator One! But now I'm dying. My arms gone; legs blown away. And before me stands the assassin, Exterminator Two!

The Butcher

The newspapers called him The Butcher. A vigilante killer. Single handedly he had toppled a crime empire. It was rumored that he was a priest. It was also rumored that he was dead!

Daddy and the Pie

Every kid needs a hero. Someone he can look up to. We had lots of heroes back in 1934...Tarzan, The Shadow and The Green Hornet. But none could stand up to my Daddy and Pie!

Spook and Crackermeyer

Toorean. The mere whispers of his name struck gut-wrenching fear into the blacks. Two hundred slaves had entered his house. None came out. It was a deadly dilemma!

Apocalypse: The Plague

The world about us was dead. Lifeless. The plague ate away all humanity. And only we two survived. The spores will catch us. So we run. To the hills. Saftey. To a new life!



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