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Dear Cousin Eerie

It's all relative or so say all our readers! We had an overwhelming response from our fans in trying to figure out what happened to the length of a mass as it's speed accelerates to that of light.

The Rook

Hickey Lubus, the accountant for the Rook, is certain he would have been a billionaire if his great grandfater hadn't given away Hong Kong. Well, if you can get a hold of a time machine you might change things.

The Comic Books

Brancatelli gives us a glimpse of the goings on at a series of events and parties which are related in a vague way to the comic book industry. From the Ambassador Grill to Studio 54 it's pretty wild.

Horizon Seekers Part I

In a world that has subsided into endless desert and unregenerate savagery there are those few who seek to stitch back together the scattered remains of civilization and build a new world!

The Shining Sea Part II

Gurn finally meets his people as they come streaking out of the green sky to the lands bordering the Red Sea. Gurn begins to learn some of the heritage he lost as a space-wrecked human!

Harrow House II

On a barren hilltop in Maine, squats an ugly Victorian apparition which seems to be a house. What is it really? Is it a gateway into a sinister dimension of evil? You are in for a harrowing experience!

A Crack in Time

Somewhere in the dark past, perhaps during the last ice age, Cro-magnon met and fought Neanderthal. The result was catastrophe. Somewhere and somehow that meeting had to be preserved for science!







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