Eerie #89

    Eerie » Eerie #89 released by Warren on January 1978.

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    Dear Cousin Eerie

    "Thanks for Gaffer," writes Mark Gauthier. "Too bad he has only three wishes!" "The Rook has become my favorite," cheers Robert Blease. Ted Hicks is excited by Nino's "Hunter 3!" And Frank Murphine praises "Years and Mind Forever!"

    Rook : A Time Factory

    The monstrous robot burst into the lab...and was literally tearing it apart. They needed The Rook to stop him, but he was lost in the mysterious, dismal future...and there was no way that Bishop or Manners could contact him!

    The Comic Books

    Brancatelli, comics critic turned sports writer, has uncovered a little-known battle between a prominent soccer team and Superman for much-needed funds...and Superman lost! Has ol' Joe popped his cork?


    The beautiful girl had spent her life locked in a dimly-lit, spider-infestead attic. Although she could not speak, she loved the spiders and they adopted her and became her friends and teachers. But Crystabelle learned her lessons far too well!


    She'd slumbered for half a century, a cryogenic sleeping beauty, recently awakened. She was eager for life in a world that changed while she remained the same...almost. Now those who befriend her must beware the monster the lovely child-woman had become!

    The Magician's Tower

    The magician held the statue called the Screaming God and the sword with which he'd release the demon trapped inside it. Sully and Hickey were prisoners in his dark tower. Who could stop his quest for ultimate destructive power?

    Boiling Point: Part Two

    A killer was shoving unwary rail-riders under the wheels of subway trains. The assignment of tracking the killer fell to detective Tony Sanguino, a hard cop close to his boiling point. Tony's friend, Father Paul, gave tony the lead he needed.



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    Story Arcs

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