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Rook: The Land of Nowhen

The Rook's Castle could deliver him to any Time Segment in existence but the Rook had to leave before the segment ran out or suffer the consequences. This was a short segment and his lifetime was running o...u...t...!

Brancatelli: Comic Books

When Charlton Publication was forced to close down their comic production department, they left a few funny animals without a home. Guess who's giving them one. Right! One of the top super hero companies.

Hard John: Nuke Mankind

John Apple had the power and determination to wipe mankind off the face of the Earth. The only question in his mind was, should he? The answer came from an unexpected source and it said that this was the last chance!

Gaffer: First Wish

Wildcat was a has been fighter. The years had robbed him of his strength, dignity and his beloved wife. Now Death had arrived for his daughter. Each person meets Death according to his way of life. So to Wildcat, Death was a boxer!

Blackstar Night Huntress

Ramon Blackstarr was a solder for hire in the Galactic War. He was fighting for the Corporation, fleeing from the Starrisites, when he met Rowena. They fled together till they encountered Ramon Blackstar and Rowena.

Pea Green Boat: Dutchman

The Owl and the Pussycat hadn't had a decent meal in months when along sailed the Dutchman to provide for their needs. Then the Scavengers grounded the Dutchman and time had come to repay their savior.







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