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Brancatelli: Comic Books

Brancatelli siding with comic publishers? "...we need The Code..." says J.B. or else those hacks in the industry will glut the market with senseless gore, sex and violence! True?

The Rook: Yesterday, the Final Day

Wounded by the gunfighter, Alamo deserter, sheriff Gat Hawkin, the Rook's life ebbs away. With blazing 45's and a 30 gallon hat comes a savior. So what if he's made of tin!

Hard John: Brass Monkey

Hard John was certain that the entire world was trying to kill him. The only ones who could be trusted were the General and Tarara. With friends like them, who needed enemies?

Yellow Brick Rhode

This was a cinch. All Godeye had to do was rescue the Princess of Rhode from atop a spinning sphere. He had a rope and his wits which was enough, if it wasn't for Thud!

Darklon: Shadow/Knock

The shadow, so dark, so deep, so lifeless. He had destroyed the one he loved. Made her a hollow thing. Void of life. A visible vacuum. But worst of all, he upset the Mystic Scheme!

Annual Warren Awards

The time of year has arrived when Warren publishing is able to honor those artists and writers who have exhibited excellence. Special is the new Renaissance Man Award.







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