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The Rook: Day Before Tomorrow

Gat Hawkins, an Alamo deserter, had become a secret passenger aboard Rook's time travel machine. Now the killer wanted it and murder was a small price for the wondrous device. The total cost was forfeiture of the future!

Brancatelli: Comic Books

Brancatelli predicts certain major changes in comics in 1977. Keep your eyes on: Goodwin. Horn, Crumb, Seuling, Ross, Kahn. If changes are coming these are the people to watch. And if you're wondering why, read Brancatelli

Hard John: KS. Bomber

Good Ole Hard John Apple had quite a time tryin' to keep himself alive in post Holy-Cost Kansas. The Catlicks had him on their wanted list. Now the Prots learned John had Nukes and was mad enough to use them.

Gaffer: Temptation

Old man Gaff had fooled with carny tricks for most of his life and he figured that he knew them all. When the Devil himself offered him a chance at some real high stakes gambling Gaff agreed. His soul? The stakes were higher!

Presto the Besto

Like his name, Presto was the finest escape artist in the business. More than just a magician, he was the man who could not be killed. Not in the bottom of a mine shaft, nor in the belly of a whale. Presto always came back, right?







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