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Rook: Man Whom Time Forgot

Santa Anna's troops held the tiny Alamo in a strangle hold. The defenders knew they had no chance to triumph. Then along came Rook in his chess piece time travel machine with his ray guns blazing. His purpose...rescue his granddad? OR screw up history?

Brancatelli: Comic Books

For those of you who care: Zats is alive? Brancatelli explores the weaknesses of comics from the letters of readers and artists. One worthwhile suggestion is to enlist fans to aid comics. How can you help? Read 'n' see!


It was a was vampires against the cartel for control of the earth. Brute force vs. technology. The vampires appeared to have the advantage until the holographs began to drive them batty. What was real and what wasn't Lived depended on knowing!

Castle of the Assassin

Ninja had stolen Sully's statue. They had murdered his girls. Ninja. The dread assassins. They invisible ones! Yet Sully walked into their challenge warmed only with his courage and the famous luck o' the Irish!

The Deepening Tomb

Below the chill waters of the great Atlantic was a graveyard monument...a barnacled tribute to war and war machines. There the Owl and the Pussycat sought a treasure which the savages about were ready to kill for. Food!







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