Eerie #72

    Eerie » Eerie #72 released by Warren on February 1976.

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    Demons of Jeremiah Cold

    The bandit chief flashed his silver bracelet and growled, "Belial!" A devil appeared. Two more names he snarled, till three fiends stood before him. Surrounded by demons and robbers, he rode in force to level a town.

    Hunter II: Armageddon

    Karas Hunter and Exterminator...trapped! Trolls to the left. Goblins to the right! A fire hurling dragon rider raining death from above. They stood, backs to calamity's door. Then suddenly, the mountain opened

    Youngblood and Beans

    Reuben Youngblood, a detective with a mission. To unravel a dastardly plot, he must discover a murderer among guests hurtling through the clouds in a huge dirigible...innocent victims of international espionage!

    A Thin Dime of Pain

    Thin man. Bat man. Human Caterpillar. Freaks to be jeered at. Humiliated. Till, ridiculed once to often, they turned on their taunters. And perpetrated a revenge more terrible than the calamities of their births!

    The Pie and I

    They had beaten me within and inch of my life. Blown my dad's head away with a shotgun. But I had Pie's gadget. The alien's box could be used to heal or to destroy. And I had total destruction in my as I strode into town!

    Tales of Peter Hypnos

    The music led to a factory. There people marched into the Incredible Machine and came out...different. Balloon heads. Animal faces. Stretched bodies. Peter had no choice. He was next. And he started to run!



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