Eerie #71

    Eerie » Eerie #71 released by Warren on January 1976.

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    Salem burst into this world through the cabinet of an old grandfather clock. A small, hideous demon trapped accidentally in reality, frightened and frightening, seeking desperately to escape. And having the very devil of a time managing it!

    Hunter II: Time

    The goblin forces poured from the Eastern Mountains. To expand their territory. To take captives. Between one walled hamlet and the marauding goblin army stood two line, reluctant heroes. Exterminator one, the robot. And Karas/ Hunter II!

    Irving and the Devlpie

    The sheriff killed Invincible Irving with a shotgun blast through the heart. But Irving didn't die. He went to a land of shadows where he acquired a demon, a life of wealth and leisure, and a special, private hll!

    Pooter and the Magicman

    Smithpooter was a magician. And, as such, he was a failure. His tricks didn't work. The fat lady ate his rabbit. He was scorned. Abused. Fired. Until the fatal day he made a deal with the demonic S. Pavlov-Freud!

    El Cid: Demon Treasure

    The cache was guarded by a demon. So said the legends. But it was an old treasure...and even demons die. So, reasoned Aledo, it was guarded by reputation alone. And, to his regret, he decided to test his theory!

    Mordecai Moondog

    Seven spirits possessed the house. Seven portraits hung on the wall. Sigfried. Pieter. Ivar. Roald. Ilona. Tomas. Who was the seventh ghost? What secret linked them to this desolate mansion. What madness did they share?



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