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There are no more proud cities. No glistening technologies. Only a struggling remnant of surviving humanity. And standing between men and the mutant hordes threatening to engulf them is a half breed. demon killer. Scout for a nonexistent army. One legendary man-demon...Hunter!

Demon Spawn

Demian Hunter was unwanted. A demon general had raped a human girl. And Demian was born...human except for slit-gold eyes and copper skin. Demian's life was violent, lonely. To others, he was different. An outcast. And so he vowed revenge upon the demon general!

Demon Killer

Hunter abandoned the demon's trail when his supplies ran out. The human settlers he approached wouldn't share precious food with a half-demon. They planned to hang him. They bound Hunter hand and foot. He was dangling with a rope around his neck when the demon army came!

Phalmark Phal

A small village where some of the amenities of civilization still remained. charity Gentleness. Kindness. Even to a cursed half-demon. then...vicious mutant hordes attacked. They razed the village, killed the inhabitants...seeking nothing more than precious human meat!

The Blood Princess

Hunter's quest is ended. Before him lies the stronghold of the demon general. Then Hunter is wounded. Fling into prison with the ancient Derek Schreck. Outside, without the effort of either hero, demons are dying. Slain by the small ghost known as the Blood Princess.

The Unholy Trinity

Hunter. Schreck. The Blood Princess. three humans pitted against the ravaging mutant world, and the demon, Ofphal. Hunter faces his father with a weapon that dooms the demon world to extinction. A weapon capable of destroying almost half the world.







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