Eerie #65

    Eerie » Eerie #65 released by Warren on April 1975.

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    The Eerie Eye

    "you guys really blew the ending of Exterminator One, our robot assassin. A professional killing machine afraid of a common mob hit man?" comments one cyborg fan. "that's unreal!"


    You spend a lot of time looking at comic book words. Lettering, balloons, captions give voice to the script. Yet if the letterer has done his job, you shouldn't have noticed the lettering at all!

    Night of the Jackass

    The inventor of the Jackass drug has come forward. There is now a possible antidote. But Bishop has gone Jackass. Garson must reach him. He must cure Bishop. Or must slay him!

    The Hacker

    The police commissioner's wife went into her bedroom, and began to scream. On her dressing table was her husband's newly severed head. His body was nowhere insight. Was this The Hacker's work?

    Spook: A Killing Rain

    The Civil War had started. blue coat killed gray. And everybody killed the black folks. Spook and Crackermeyer figured to put a stop to it. You can't fight a war without ammo!

    El Cid: The Troll

    The troll lived under the bridge and hoarded a huge pile of gold. He devoured anyone foolish enough to come near. Noe one had courage to oppose this ogre. 'Til the coming of El Cid!

    The Apocalypse: Death

    Of all the deadly horsemen, which was the most terrible? War loosed his legions. Plague, his festering sores. Famine, bone stripping weakness. Millions died. Death reigns.

    The 1974 Warren Awards

    Announcing the fifth annual award presentations! Warren Publishing rewards the year's most outstanding talents. Which authors and artist will win 1974's coveted prizes?



    none of this issue.


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    Story Arcs

    none of this issue.

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