Eerie #64

    Eerie » Eerie #64 released by Warren on March 1975.

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    Night of the Jackass

    There was hell in the orphanage. Somehow children had gotten hold of the Hyde drug...the Jackass serum. and it changed them. Turned them into rampaging monsters!

    The Story

    Comic books. where do they come from? How are they made? An indepth analysis details each step in the production of an exciting entertainment media/ The issue: the makeup of a comic script!

    Exterminator One

    They lied. They said I was the only killing machine...Exterminator One! But now I'm dying. My arms gone; legs blown away. And before me stands the assassin, Exterminator Two!

    The Butcher

    The newspapers called him The Butcher. A vigilante killer. Single handedly he had toppled a crime empire. It was rumored that he was a priest. It was also rumored that he was dead!

    Daddy and the Pie

    Every kid needs a hero. Someone he can look up to. We had lots of heroes back in 1934...Tarzan, The Shadow and The Green Hornet. But none could stand up to my Daddy and Pie!

    Spook and Crackermeyer

    Toorean. The mere whispers of his name struck gut-wrenching fear into the blacks. Two hundred slaves had entered his house. None came out. It was a deadly dilemma!

    Apocalypse: The Plague

    The world about us was dead. Lifeless. The plague ate away all humanity. And only we two survived. The spores will catch us. So we run. To the hills. Saftey. To a new life!



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