Eerie #63

    Eerie » Eerie #63 released by Warren on February 1975.

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    The Eerie Eye

    Is it true what they say about Berni Wrightson? Is he really a patchwork monster created from unneeded parts of Will Eisner's, Neal Adams' & Graham Ingels' bodies? Or is he just a good artist?

    Night of the Jackass

    They were at it again. The madmen. The suiciders. They had taken the Hyde drug. And in twenty four hours they'd die. But first...there was hell to God's own Christian church!

    Hollow of the Three Hills

    "Put your head in my lap. dearie and I'll bring you beautiful visions of tormented souls," the witch cackled. "But beware, dearie. For my visions could cost you your very sanity!"

    Spook: Grandaddies

    Even Crackermeyer would hang at dawn/ He killed the moron-boy...and kidnapped his new wife. The voodoo man would have to die, unless something could bring the boy back!

    Exterminator One

    My plan was working perfectly. One squeeze of the trigger, and a bullet ripped through the old man's skull, splattering his brains across the room. Then another shot tore my arm off!

    And The Mummy Walks

    She was in love with an Egyptian prince who had died four-thousand years earlier. but she found a way to be with him, to have him. An amulet would merge their minds, make them one!

    The Apocalypse: Famine

    War came. And the young boys reveled in the glory of marching off to fight. To kill for their country. But war is hard. And boys soon change. They begin killing for themselves!



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