Eerie #62

    Eerie » Eerie #62 released by Warren on January 1975.

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    The Eerie Eye

    Rich Corben. Jose Gonzalez. Esteban Maroto. You've met the top artist on our feature page. Now meet some of the people who help bring you the best in comics. A peek of the scenes at Warren!

    The Apocalypse: The War

    First come the pawns! They fight. They kill. They die! Next, the knights attack, pillaging, murdering, being murdered. Only kings remain. Will they fall, too, on life's chessboard?

    Cool Air

    The doctor was an odd man. He kept himself locked in a lavishly furnished ice box. His room was big and comfortable, too. But cold! Cold as death! It felt like the room of a morgue; a place for bodies!

    Spook: Crackermeyer

    Like a vulture, that white man swooped down, claimin' the church and black graveyard. Wee couldn't give in, so he cut a boy in two! Now he has the cemetery... and a Spook!

    The Butcher

    Carlo Gambino was on his deathbed. But hitmen were sent to blast him and his priest into heaven. Why? To start a gangland massacre? A holy war with the church? Or to pave the way for a Butcher?

    The Unholy Creation

    Kuzzo was ugly. He was a dwarf and a hunchback! All his life he wanted to feel the caress of a beautiful woman. But he knew it would never be. Not, at least, in the Circus of Pain

    And the Mummies Walk

    It is over! The long search for a missing body. The horror of being trapped in a bandaged hulk. The terror of murdering a wife! For Arthur Lemming, a nightmare ended!



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