Eerie #59

    Eerie » Eerie #59 released by Warren on August 1974.

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    Dax The Damned

    Dax, the warrior who walks among gods rescues a beautiful woman from the cave of death, and leases a deadly plague on all mankind!

    The Paradise Tree

    Dax is ensnared by a guardian tree that leads to the bowels of earth itself! There, he meets a monster who wants the barbarian as a mate!


    The warrior is pulled into the heavens to meet the gods in a game of chess. The pawns: members of Dax' own family. The precious prize to be won: their very lives!

    Let the Evil One Sleep

    "He created me," she explained. "The evil one who sleeps in the forest! With but a thought, he can destroy us and the world about us!"

    The Golden Lake

    The mighty Dax is trapped on an island of beautiful women. An island paradise of gold, jewels and riches beyond imagination. an island of devils!

    The With, The Maneater

    A troll leaps from the darkness to attack Dax and his mercenaries. Dax wakes to find a witch cooking and eating his warriors.

    The Cyclops

    An enormous monster captures and abuses a defenseless maiden. to her rescue rushes Dax. alone against the vicious giant and his one-eyed brothers.


    Another endangered lass is brought from death's grasp by the warrior hero. But in so doing, Dax angers her prehistoric monster captors, who go off in pursuit!

    The Lord's Prayer

    Drawn to a demon-shaped temple, Dax discovers all manner of carnage. But he can only watch as sorceress offers up a living human sacrifice!

    Death Rides This Night

    Here is the moment of Truth! Dax faces death and his dark angel! Incredibly, Dax meets the pair in combat, with a surprise ending!



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