Eerie #58

    Eerie » Eerie #58 released by Warren on July 1974.

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    The Eerie Eye

    A profile of Vincente Alcazar, the man who helped bring Schreck to life. Also, a special introduction to our new series, and a sneak preview of our special forthcoming issue of Eerie.

    Enter: The Exterminator

    In the Middle Ages, grotesque, tentacled aliens from space prowl the countryside, devouring little children! And there is only one champion to stop them...The Exterminator

    Spook: Webtread

    Men came! They beat her. Then left her for dead. She was just an old hag. But she controlled the powers of darkness...and with them, the vengeance of the dead man called Spook was hers!

    The Pepper Lake Monster

    He was one of the world's greatest hunters, until he tried his skill against a different sort of game... a powerful sea serpent who was turning Pepper Lake waters blood-red!

    Child: Mind of Masses

    Child learns about life, love, and death, as he is befriended by an old witch-woman. But when she is burned at the stake, there is nothing left for him to do but retaliate!

    Spook: Knucklebones

    In the swamps of Bayou country, the mysterious unloving creature called The Spook wreaks a bizarre, hideous vengeance against a band of bizarre, hideous vengeance against a band of slavers, with the aid of the voodoo queen!

    Dr. Archaeus: Carnage!

    The battle of wits between Inspector Sanford and Dr. Archaeus grows more intense. With the life of the fifth juror in the balance, the game takes a deadly twist! Fabulous.



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