Eerie #57

    Eerie » Eerie #57 released by Warren on June 1974.

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    The Eerie Eye

    A biography of the most prolific Martin Salvador is this Eerie's feature presentation. In addition to this, we've our regular fanzine reviews, and an in-depth preview of this issue's stories.

    Spook: Stridespider Rot

    Set in Lousiana Bayou country, this tale of voodoo stars the dead man known as Spook, His mission on earth is to free all enslaved brethren and deliver justice unto man.

    Hunter: Demon Killer

    The concluding chapter of our epic science fiction adventure. Hunter and Schreck break from behind bars, and the demon killer enters into a death-battle with his enemy Ofphal!

    Hide From the Hacker

    In the dreary London night-fog he strikes, his vile blade catching a glint of moonlight. What is the incredible identity of this maniac who brutally kills only police officers?


    When his wife died, the old scientist was left alone in the world. but the grief-stricken inventor had an idea: create a young boy from parts of dead animals. And the result is a creature known as Child.

    It: Terror of Foley

    The fetid fiend from hell rises once more from his moldering grave. As protector of Foley mansion, It must defend the old home from a gang of thieves who learn of its wealth.

    Dr. Archaeus: A Switch

    Inspector Sanford finally unravels the entirely bizarre pattern behind the revenge of Archaeus. can the policeman intercept the madman...before he kills juror number 4?



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