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Crazy Mazie

home on the range for fading cowboy star Sturnam Banks meant the long wait for death, gallantly riding astride his once glamorous, but now stuffed steed, Mazie!

Everlasting Mortaliy

Query: What's black and blue and dead all over? A bruised Vampire!...or so our hero discovers in this little question and answer game.

Thrill of the Hunt

You run...and you know the sickening feeling of being chased to the death! But you will rob your pursuers of heir destroying yourself!

Hand of the Discarnate

Step right up folks, and see the amazing freaks in our carnival side show. Two brothers who would even kill for their father's wealth.

Mervin's Dead Ringer

Poor Mervin Sniddle was the world's biggest failure! His only friend was an alarm clock! Bu the poor clock has his horrible problem with ticks!

Tiller of the Soul

Phinneas needed a friend. He was so lonely. Then one day, Phinneas saw hands reaching up from a grave! Phinneas finally had his friend!

The Parade

Presenting the first ale in a series of new Eerie short-short shockers! Who was the mysterious stranger who brought The Parade to the simple folk of Sleepy Grove.?

Lake of Gold

Dax, lord of the Isle of Peace welcomes Sarko the bold, only to be attacked viciously when the barbarian realizes what treasures lie in the heart of Dax's lake!







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