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Noxious Newspage

Read it here first! (Where else would you read it?) Great scoops on three new series soon to debut in Warren magazines, "Jan & the Triad," "The Last Recess." & "Moonstone!" Plus a peek at our 100-page 25th Anniver-scary issue of Famous Monsters, and a chance to tell us where we went wrong with Creepy's contents.

Space Beagle

Aeons ago on the ancient world of Glor, Ixtl's race was destroyed in a cataclysmic solar explosion! Only Ixtl survived...sustaining himself by feeding off the wan light energy that permeated the galaxy. Now he encountered another form of life-beings who could provide him with means to exist. They were called...humans!

Space Beagle II

The crew of the starship Space beagle had discovered the creature drifting in the ebony darkness of deep space. They reached out with trembling hands to this awesome alien life form, to bring it on board. That was a mistake the would live to regret, for Ixtl was determined to make Guuls of the best specimens! The rest would have to die!

Infinity Force

Grant Lewis, Rick James and Cindy Barrie...The Infinity what may be the greatest archaeological find in the history of Mankind-a strange metal alloy, more than a hundred million years old! Together they journey back in time to the Jurassic Age, but what they find there could change the earth...drastically!

Space Beagle III

Grosvenor descended into the bowels of the sihp and looked into the face of nightmare. The gunnery crew was burned beyond recognition! Ixtl had attacked the men, that was obvious, but more horrible still, along the corridor in the pat of the deadly Neutron Projector, were the still-twitching bodies of twenty more of the ship's crew!







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